Solaria, to the attack of the 18 euros

Solaria, to the attack of the 18 euros

Solaria exceeds the ceiling zone and seeks a new bullish momentum

Solaría slowed down in his latest advance at 13 euros, the roof area of ​​the canal, without entering into the dilation of the same.

He was consolidating the attack at this level without losing the reference of 12 euros. With the new impulse, it has exceeded the area of ​​ceilings and has gone to look for the objective in the area of ​​the dilation of the channel

It leaves the 14 euros behind and is only 0.21 euros of the 15 euros, which is the high projection of that dilation range. If you exceed this benchmark intentionally and consistently, you can now extend the advance up to 16 euros.

Important support

This is an important level of support that it tested in 2007 and with an extension as a consolidation range up to 18 euros

Here is the resistance prior to the last push, with which it marked the all-time highs of 2007 and 2008 in the vicinity of 24 euros.

The resistance zone of 18 euros will be the next most important target, because at the time it took a long time to overcome.

Without resistance up to 24 euros

Then, up to the 24-euro area, there is hardly any resistance, because the advance to that level was very vertical. It is a more medium-term objective since it also corresponds to doubling the channel and its dilation.

The value can realize it, in the same way that it did in 2018, although the price levels were lower but the percentage of revaluation was higher.

If you cannot exceed 15 euros and extend the advance above the dilation, the first relevant support level is the area of ​​13 euros

The 15 euros, level to keep

As long as it does not lose this level of 15 euros, the advance structure is maintained with the projection of the channel and possibly with a progression that requires a longer term.

Below 12 euros, it remains with a negative bias within the advance channel and could seek its base, which is now projected above 10 euros and would maintain the structure if it rebounds from this level,

If these 10 euros were to give up, it could go sideways with the annual benchmark lows, with a prior support zone in the range between 9-8.5 euros.

Threats from the bottom

If it ended up giving the 8 euros again, for now with minimal probabilities, it would already have at 7 euros it has another support below the base of the accelerated channel.

By giving up the € 6.50, it would enter a side scenario even with the positive bias as long as it did not lose the € 5.25. The threat to the base of the lateral scenario would already be below this level at € 4.50- € 4.00.

Corrective scenario ruled out

The correction scenario is still ruled out, as the over 10 euros has been definitively consolidated. But below 8 euros, we activate alerts again and if you attack the 6 euros and lose them, the next drop would take you to the area of ​​5-4.5 euros

And giving up the important support area of ​​3 euros, to later seek the level of 2.4 euros in the first place and the extension 1.8 euros-1.6 euros. This scenario, after the break of the 13 euros, would be ruled out.

Perspectives of Solaria, by Josep Codina