How are eToro’s most popular investors investing in Spain?

How are eToro’s most popular investors investing in Spain?

The best investors continue to profit from the recovery of the markets

How are the most popular investors on eToro investing in Spain?

World stock markets are experiencing a hectic final stretch of the year. Shaken since March by the coronavirus pandemic, investors have regained faith in the heat of the vaccine news, sparking volatility and creating new trading opportunities, although we already know that past returns do not guarantee future returns.

Pharmaceuticals like Pfizer or Modern announced vaccines with an effectiveness greater than 90%, while Astrazeneca lowered this threshold to 70%. And the reading of the markets could not have been more positive.

The prospects of leaving the virus behind and returning to normality and growth are spurring the worst hit sectors, such as banking, tourism or energy. An exit to the upside that investors can take advantage of to look for the long-awaited Santa Claus rally.

In fact, the best investors continue to make a profit, as reflected by the ‘popular investors’ of eToro, thanks to their knowledge, experience and long-term vision of the markets.

In this sense, ‘copy trading’ is the perfect alternative to take advantage of all that set of tools and experiences that make the most popular investors shine, although it is always important to make well-informed decisions and understand the risk of all operations.

Therefore, the number of followers should not be the only criterion to take into account of a ‘popular investor’. Elements such as understanding the markets, a long-term orientation or the use of simple instruments are also important.

What do popular investors in Spain do?

In the region of Spain Y Latam, according to data from eToro, the most popular investors are already taking advantage of this market recovery. One of them is Mariano pardo, whose yield in November is 11.27%. Check here MarianoPardo’s portfolio.

Despite the complex environment, its overall performance for the year exceeds 60% and is supported by a highly technological portfolio, where the largest positions are for Alphabet, the parent company of Google, with 6.01%, Microsoft (6%) o Amazon (5,42%).

Other technology companies are also important to this investor, such as Netflix, Adobe, Alibaba o Apple, although it also incorporated mass consumption companies, such as Coca Cola Nike.

Another of the most popular investors is Nuria Garcia Lopez (NuriaGL1), whose returns in the year exceed 6.5%. In this case, its portfolio is considerably smaller in terms of the number of securities and it has posted positive returns in practically every month of the year (except for two). Check here the portfolio of Nuria García López.

The profile is also totally different and they stand out as higher investments FedEx, with 4.79% invested, BroadridgeFinancial (3.61%) o invita. (3,61%).

With a return on its portfolio of 18.68%, it also stands out among the most popular investors in Spain Jordi Barrufet Balcells (ValueFund). As in the case of Pardo, their investments do in this case have a more technological profile. Check here the portfolio of Jordi Barrufet Balcells.

Thus, the greatest weight in your portfolio is for Facebook (5.31%), followed by Amazon (5.2%) and Tesla (5.2%), although another mass consumer company such as McDonalds also reached a percentage of 5.2%.

In addition, Barrufet, living up to his nickname on eToro (ValueFund), has 5.2% of his positions in Berkshire Hathaway, the billionaire’s holding company. Warren BuffetYou are the most popular icon of value investing.

Programa Popular Investors

In all cases, these are popular investors in Spain with very different approaches to the market. The copy trading strategy allows you to benefit from your decisions, always understanding that they have a risk.

One of the disruptions that has brought eToro and social investment is its program of Popular Investors (PI). Users can register in the program and start trading, so that eToro measures their returns and risk level and their strategies can be copied by other users of the platform.

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