Relaxation at the gas stations

Relaxation at the gas stations

Many drivers in Germany will be relieved: After a phase with extremely high gasoline prices, there are signs of some relaxation

The fuel prices are falling again.

Ein liters of diesel now costs an average of EUR 1.332 at Germany’s filling stations, which is 3.7 cents less than in the previous week. And a liter of Super E10 was 3.2 cents cheaper to 1.438 euros. This is the result of the weekly evaluation of the ADAC car club for the prices of 14,000 petrol stations.

Compared to the highs from the second week of November, the price for diesel has fallen by just under 12 cents per liter, and that for Super E10 by around 10 cents. “The relaxation on the crude oil market since the beginning of October is now also clearly evident in the German fuel market,” writes the ADAC.

Heating oil has also become much cheaper again. 100 liters cost an average of 67 euros when purchasing 3000 liters, as reported by the Internet portal Heizoel24. That is about as much as in summer. Just a few weeks ago, the price of heating oil was a good 85 euros.

Fears that a cut in oil production decided last week by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and some non-OPEC countries could push up the oil price again have not yet been confirmed. Although it rose briefly last Friday during the OPEC meeting, it soon gave way again. On Wednesday the price of the North Sea variety Brent was quoted at 61.00 dollars per barrel (159 liters), 1.4 percent more than the previous day. The price is still well below the $ 85 from early October.

In Germany there is also the fact that the Rhine carries more water again after the rains and is therefore better navigable for ships. “The increased water levels benefit the supply of southern Germany,” writes the ADAC. However, the Mineral Oil Industry Association had warned that the normalization of the logistics chains for mineral oil and fuels would take until next spring. With this, the oil companies probably wanted to indicate that they would like to take higher gasoline prices a little longer.